Posts by: Abe Hadad

  1. Creating Highly Scalable Applications Using Couchbase, Akka.Net, Akka.Persistence and Akka.Persistence.Couchbase

    This article covers at a very high level what’s needed to start exploring the Akka persistence plug-in when working together with Couchbase. It will also help you get a sample application running with Couchbase as a backend data store. If you’re new to Akka.Net, and/or Akka.Persistence we’ve written little story to help clarify what each component does. Otherwise if you’re more experienced, or short on time, skip the story to get the details of the Akka.Persistence.Couchbase plugin. Read More

  2. The “Not So Artful” Process of Software Development

    Writing code is an art. Architecting a system is an art. Making a website usable, simple and intuitive is an art. But all art has its techniques, rules and procedures that assist the creative process in achieving its greatness. Planning software development is one of those processes which, if executed rigorously, yields incredible freedom for the developers, project managers, designers and system architects to focus their creative efforts on what matters —the end-goal. Read More